This week in the lead up to May Day We have seen not only concerns with our green space and community assets (The Winter Gardens) Park space and what it is being used for (Glasgow Green Kelvingrove) but meetings to discuss positive progressive and sustainable ideas and plans for the use of these spaces from Friends of Glasgow Green. Watch this space to hear about some of them. (And suggest our own)

At the Living Rent AGM highlighted many interesting aspects of this highlymotivated group in campaigning and bringing people on board and in encouraging people through the solidarity of this union. The same is true here of imagination and innovation towards winning something different

Both these groups are working not only in protest, but the formulation of crating a compelling story to combat the ideology of austerity and the plausibility of its falsehoods – and through public engagement and organisation.

Come on a public survey of the Green /Winter Gardens at the May Day picnic. Bring your camera and imagination, let’s hear your plans and ideas. Earlier that day join Living Rent on the march “No Evictions” on the 5th 12:00 at George Square, then on to the picnic at 2:30 at Free Wheel North on the Green.

Campaign news this week in the lead up to May Day

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