May Day seems to have been sanitised, gone are the days of thousands congregating in the city’s parks and celebrating their struggles, successes and their hopes. A day when the family headed to the agreed place to meet old friends, make new friends where there would be singers, dancers, musician, jugglers and the soapbox orators. Thousands would arrive on the Green or some other arrange space and claim it as their day and shape it they way they want it to be.
Now it seems to be a sedate march to a hall to be seated and listen to our political ballerinas preaching on how they will lead us to the promised land.
What the May Day organising group are trying to do is get back to that get-together of ordinary people to mix, mingle, chat on a central spot in our city, free from the deadening hand of the political parties.
So why not join us and get back to it being our day, the people’s day?

Glasgow, May Day 2004:

GLASGOW MAYDAY 2004 – What is it all about? from Camcorder Guerrillas on Vimeo.

Has May Day Become to Sanitised?

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