MayDay/week 2018

When all around us is in chaos, It is time to remember our history and take back the moment. May Day plays an important part of working class history, but it is also a platform for looking forward.

Women did not get the vote because someone gave them it. Child labour was not abolished because the government thought it should be. The 8 hour day didn’t arrive out of the kindness of employers, or the weekend off. The rights of workers did not transpire out of that kindness either. Social housing and rent acts did not come from those on high. These things came from the same people, workers who created and celebrate May Day all over the world.

While we ponder the above, our National Health Service, is on its way to privatisation. We have worse child poverty than Calcutta. Voting has become a charade, zero hour contracts a normality, rents have gone through the roof and are heading for mars. The 8 hour day has become a joke, through unemployment or overwork. The technology that promised a 4 hour day, and time for leisure, is instead being used by corporations, to wipe out, and even the memory of the contribution, ordinary people have made to the freedoms we enjoy.

May Day is not an anachronism from the past, as some would have you believe. It is not just about reflecting on the history of struggle. It is not just about celebrating the achievements of ordinary people who pushed and win change.

May day is a working class institution, It represents an important reminder and possibility of a dynamic of, we are worth more than a wage, we care for each other, more than money. It is also about looking forward to further and future prosperity.

It is about meeting and making new friends, sharing ideas, building solidarity and a vision of where we want to go and how we are going to get there. Through social trust.
It is about taking back the moment.

Look out for six days of MAY DAY (2018) activities information soon and how you can become involved

As the hippies would say. Stay hungry for new ideas. Stay foolish enough to try them. Peace.

Taking back the moment…

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