In the western class system, where the middle class was invented in order to create a buffer, or cushion, that would protect the upper classes from the poor. The same thing could be said about the education system. The education system is a buffer between the innate intelligence of people, who if left to develop in their communities, and be educated within their social group and families and in accordance with their needs, would develop the fairness and cooperative attitude we try so hard to instil in our small children.

The disconnection of our children from their families and communities into formal education, is the first step in the mass propaganda system that helps to nullify our kids from their pre-school sense of cooperation to one of competition. From one fairness to one of winners and losers. from one of truth to one of selective truth. From one of creativity to one of conformity. And most importantly, from one of boldness to one of fear. The fear of failure to being accepted into a system that does its best to work against your better interests, is the first achievement of the propaganda system that will continue from school and pervade your adult life – if you let it.

Place based education, that is what you do not get taught in school, it is how we learn most, from our parents, family, friends, those we meet. May Day, and events like it help to reconnect with folk who are keen to learn about life. We spend little time in formal education, but most of our life round people, work and living. This is the important learning for thinking about how we want to live, not the education that tells us how we should live.

Education – Propaganda

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