Coops have come a long way since the days of the hippies in the 60s 70s. And it needs to be remembered that coops long before then were born out of survival and needs of its members, even before the coops was the Common Good Fund. Uniquely within Scotland and built around  a collective approach to security…

“In its most basic form, common good has its origins in the early Middle Ages, when the ferm toun – a small settlement of interconnected families living in close proximity for mutual protection and support – took a collectivist approach to certain aspects of the farming operation.” Andrew C Ferguson

And today there is a health growing economy built around these principals, with everything from growing communities to highly skilled organisations. So there is nothing new about working without a boss and working for each other. These are the same principals as such organisations as the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) work under. And in turn embodies the principals of May Day.

Boss Or Bossed

Cooperative Technologists

Workers COOPS no Boss

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