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From enlightenment to sanctions.

In the last hundred years we went from taking care of the weak and vulnerable to the only representation of political parties is to their commercial neoliberal partners. This should tell us something about where the welfare state is heading, where workers rights are heading, and where our democracy will be heading

Because we are forced into selfishness to survive, or to rely on the charity of the food bank, or the threat of the sanction. If this doesn’t motivate the radical imagination, embedded in everybody, into thinking ways out of the neoliberal agenda this will be the death knell of the welfare state and with it social responsibility.

We are at a cross roads and hard decisions will need to be made. Some effort will be required, some inconvenience will need to be expected. It will be tough for a while but think what it could be. There is no reason that what is done by one human being can not be undone by another, so long as we all have a part to play in the conversation to regain our democracy.

May Day helps to represent this hundred years and more of workers progress. What better day to represents this and to look to our brighter future than the May Day celebration?

One hundred years of dissent

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