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Dystopia or Utopia you decide.

Climbing the social ladder at the expense of their family and friends is not the actions of a disconcerting citizen. Success should be measured using contentment not a bank balance and mobilising out of ones community. The intellect should be used to solve problems at the root of the problem in the community. Not the displacement of the intellect to the myth of upward mobility.

Upwardly mobile, is sold to us as the neoliberal apex of success. But is just another ploy about displacement and leaving your community behind. We want to be upwardly sociable and meet as equals in our enjoyment as well as our troubles, where we live, where we come from.

As in the fabulous funding is only as good as it lasts. Community vision and solidarity is a much more sustainable option and economically sound direction for our tax revenue. Why should the upwardly mobile on leaving university decide on the importance of what should be funded in our communities and our politics, as an reward for compliance? We need movement intellectuals from these places and our communities, rather than fodder for parliament, business and the coordinator classes to decide on the direction of our collective wealth. For in the words of Alexander Berkman, “people live by bread, by economics, not by politics!” Which should be our first concern?

Upwardly Mobile Downwardly Sociable

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